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Point & click adventure game about an internal struggle of serial killer.

Anthony, the name of serial killer, likes to kill his victims in different ways. As a coinscience, you perceive and see everything what killer does. Later on you tries to manipulate him in ways to help him.

The Gray Man has five acts, which each of them has unique atmosphere and theme for exploring the shattered mind. The mental side is strongly influenced by the darkness that you must uncover and try to regain a conscience through the memories that has long been lost. 

Expected release date: October/November of 2022 on Steam. The main goal is done, now it's time for polishing everything in a way I want.


The Gray Man - 1 act demo 59 MB

Development log


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Hello, I played this game and I really liked it, the art style, environment and sound effects were pretty good, the text was kind of hard to see at the beginning cutscene, there wasn't much to interact with but over all it was neat little game, good work :) 

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Something tells me it was inspired by Albert Fish's case...